More Pupil Success

Category: Music

I’m thrilled to announce that Emily, Sammy and Ellie have been awarded places in the newly formed York Youth Orchestra following recent auditions.

These three of my pupils also known as “The Dream Team” are in the same school year and were placed first, second and third in the Mrs Sunderland Festival 2018 in the Woodwind Solo Year 11 & under class, are a part of prize winning the Les Six Flute Ensemble and Bootham School Flute Trio and play in orchestra together at school. So this flute section should be pretty good!

All three of them were awarded with a prize at the end of the academic year for their contribution to the school music department and Emily was awarded the Junior Music Prize.

What a year! Let’s hope the new academic year is as good.

Well done to the three of them, they’re a true joy to teach and are lovely young people!