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Looking for a top-tier singing teacher in York? Meet Nikki Warrington, an award-winning singing instructor with over 20 years of experience. Renowned for her exceptional teaching skills, Nikki boasts a 100% pass rate in all music exams, with 82% of her students achieving merits and distinctions. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your vocal techniques, Nikki’s proven track record ensures you’ll receive the highest quality instruction tailored to your needs. Start your musical journey with Nikki Warrington today and experience the difference of learning with a true professional.

Nikki Warrington - Singing Teacher in york

What should I expect as a first time student?

Assessing Skills and Goals

The first step in the process is for the singing instructor to assess the student’s current skills and goals. This may involve asking the student to perform a short song or vocal exercise, as well as discussing what they hope to achieve through singing lessons.

Creating a Lesson Plan

Based on the initial assessment, I will then create a customised lesson plan for the student. This plan will outline the areas of focus for each lesson, as well as exercises and techniques that will help the student improve their abilities.

Beginning Instruction

Once the lesson plan is in place, the will begin instruction with the student. This may include warm-ups, breathing exercises, and practicing music. The instructor will provide feedback and guidance throughout the lesson to help the student improve their skills and reach their goals.

About Nikki Warrington – Singing Teacher York

Are you wanting to start lessons and don’t know how to find the right teacher?

Are your current lessons just not the right fit for you?

Do you feel unmotivated to practice?

(I have been there!)

Do you want to achieve more, perform more consistently and achieve your goals?

Do you already sing in a choir or play with an ensemble and want to improve your skills?

Did you take music lessons in school and would love to return to it or maybe it is something you always wanted to do but never had the opportunity?

I am Nikki and I teach people like you who want to achieve their goals and turn your musical dreams into reality.

It probably doesn’t shock you, that I’d love you to love music as much as I do.

Like most people, my journey hasn’t always been easy, I was painfully shy as a young child and struggled with confidence. My parents found it difficult with no real musical knowledge to find a teacher that was the right fit for me, a person who could indeed bring the best out of me and give me the confidence and skills to achieve my goals.

I know and understand that the right lessons, with the right teacher, can open the door to a whole range of musical experiences, hours of fun and a lifetime of fulfillment.


  • MA
  • BMus
  • LTCL
  • ARCM
  • Dip ABRSM


  • Member of the Musician’s Union
  • Fully insured including public liability insurance
  • GDPR Date Protection Officer
  • Full DBS.
  • NSPCC Safeguarding and Child Protection.
  • Paediatric first aid trained
  • Member of the Safe Music Schools, training in Safeguarding and Stop Covid 19 – Save the Music.

Benefits to be found from Singing Teacher in York:

  1. Improved vocal technique: Singing lessons can help develop proper vocal technique, including proper breathing, posture, and placement of the voice.
  2. Enhanced vocal range and control: Singing lessons can help expand vocal range, improve tone quality, and develop control over pitch and dynamics.
  3. Development of resonance and placement: Singing lessons can help develop resonance and placement in the voice, allowing for a richer and more resonant tone.
  4. Improved articulation and diction: Singing lessons can help improve articulation and diction, allowing for clearer and more precise communication of lyrics.
  5. Increased expressiveness and emotional connection: Singing lessons can help develop emotional connection and expressiveness in the voice, allowing for more engaging and moving performances.

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Unlock the power of your musical expression and soar to new heights with personalised flute and singing lessons designed to help you discover and embrace your full potential.

York based Singing Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

I have a studio based in York and I teach at the address; 216 Fifth Ave, Tang Hall, York YO31 0PN

I will hear you play, or sing so as to assess your level and standard. I will probably ask you a lot of questions, to determine your goals and motivation for starting lessons and assess what sort of time you will have to practice and also the sort of music you like and are open to trying.

You can of course ask me any questions you’d like to ask too.

Don’t worry about being nervous, I know it is a strange thing, but I am friendly and welcoming and remember, I have heard a lot of people play or sing over the years. My music room is a safe space, and I will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Lessons are on most weeks throughout the year. I do have a complete shutdown at Christmas and I have two weeks off in the Summer and often I am performing on the Bank Holiday Mondays. The dates I am not teaching are displayed on the board in my studio and on my website.

I invoice monthly in arrears and payment is via bank transfer or cash only.

Payments for adhoc lessons is expected on the day of the lesson by bank transfer or cash.

I teach every day, but only in my studio Monday-Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Yes, I do teach online. Like many businesses I adapted through the Covid pandemic, and I have invested in good quality equipment to enable me to teach online and it be a positive and straightforward process for us both.

It is also available as an option to everyone should the weather be bad, or due to illness or difficulties getting to my studio.

I currently teach students from the ages of 5 through to 85 and everything in between. Many of my adults had lessons at school but stopped when they started their careers and families but have desperately wanted to get back into music. Others have started as complete beginners in their 40’s 50’s and beyond. If you want to do it, there’s nothing stopping you!

Children playing the flute, I can start little ones at 5 playing the fife, (a plastic instrument that is a hybrid between a flute and recorder that is lightweight, indestructible and inexpensive to buy, that is blown and has the identical fingers to the flute, so swapping when they are big enough is simple)

For children singing, 5 is usually the right time though some can be better as they get older.

If your child can concentrate for 30 minutes, I am happy to teach them.

Yes. I have had a lot of experience of teaching people with dyslexia, dyscalculia, those with physical differences and those on the autistic spectrum. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Yes if you feel more comfortable with someone with you, then please do. I have a sofa for parents or family members and there’s good Wi-Fi and magazines.

I would ask that you don’t bring the whole family and especially any younger children who might be disruptive to the lesson.

Yes. Each year I arrange a pupil’s concert at a local church and an informal adults only get together performance with drinks and snacks in my studio. You can perform or come and watch, there is no pressure to perform if you don’t want to.

Many students compete in local music competitions, a great way to get feedback from someone else, but again there is no pressure to do so.

I also have huge lists of contacts for orchestras, bands, ensembles and choirs in the area if you’d like to then start performing with a group.

Yes of course, people make excellent progress when they are enthusiastic about what they are learning. All suggestions are very welcome.

Any Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with me and i’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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