Pupil's Page

Exam and competition results for Nikki’s pupils.

ABRSM Exam Results Summer 2019

Annabel R Grade 6 Flute – Pass

Polly H Grade 6 Flute – Merit

Lucy G Grade 5 Flute – Merit

Anna W Grade 4 Flute – Merit

Sarah M Grade 4 Flute – Merit

Megan K Grade 1 Flute – Pass


LCM Exam Results Summer 2019.

Hannah C Grade 1 Pop Vocals – Merit

Lola D Grade 1 Music Theatre – Merit

Lola G-T Grade 1 Music Theatre – Distinction

Mariam H Grade 2 Classical Singing- Merit

Evie H Grade 2 Pop Vocals – Distinction

Rachel Z Grade 4 Pop Vocals – Merit

Maddy E Grade 6 Pop Music Vocals – Distinction

Ewen R Grade 6 Pop Vocals – Distinction

Lottie W Grade 6 Music Theatre – Distinction

Grace D Grade 8 Pop Vocals – Distinction

Daisy C Grade 8 Pop Vocals – Distinction

An outstanding set of results WELL DONE to all!

How you found your tuition and experience with Nikki …

Pupil Testimonial

“Nikki Warrington is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever had. She is not only and incredible flautist, but an amazing teacher who helps you to develop all aspects of your musical life. She does this by supporting you in one-to-one lessons and helping you gain the qualifications you want or need, but also by giving you heaps of performance opportunities and encouraging ensemble participation. Nikki also prepares you for life, by providing you with advice and skills which are transferable and relevant to any career. Without Nikki I definitely wouldn’t be the musician, or person, I am today.”

– Guylaine.

Testimonial 3

“My son first began having lessons with Nikki when he started at Bootham School in Year 9. He had never had singing lessons before so this was a big deal for a teenage boy! He quickly realised that he had met someone who not only believed in his dream of studying Music Theatre, but who provided him with the training and vision for that study. He has subsequently gained a place at both CAPA College, Wakefield and onto his dream drama school Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London where he is currently studying a degree in Musical Theatre. It was Nikki’s training and determination, alongside her ability to nurture a teenage boy’s dream that gave him the confidence and wherewithal to get where he has so far. Thank you, Nikki. What a difference you have made!”


Testimonial 5

Nikki has been teaching my son singing lessons for the past 2 and a half years and I can honestly say that she has been fantastic in every way!

Her teaching skills are incredible. She has a way of explaining things which just seems to click. My son’s voice has improved so much and many people have commented on the change. He has learned how to control his voice and extend his range in a way that would not have been possible without Nikki’s coaching. He has also gained in confidence and is really motivated to push his voice to it’s limits and learn new styles and techniques.

Nikki has a lovely manner and style of teaching. She works my son hard in a really fun way with a lot of laughter thrown in.

She is really encouraging and motivating and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Sarah